Who is shepard smith dating dating online photo session

22-Mar-2020 17:11

When details of my personal life became public, he supported me.”Smith also recalled a time when he went to a company party at Ailes’ house with Graziano for the first time.

Ailes’ wife, Elizabeth Ailes, took Graziano on a tour.

Virginia’s ex-husband has had his share of controversies throughout his career.

Reporters found out from waitresses that served in the bars he’s been at, that he frequently had angry outbursts, shouting at staff.

In 2011, he was linked to a Fox News production assistant named Giovanni Graziano, whom Smith handled himself during his time with the company.

The two were sighted together in numerous bars on multiple occasions, particularly at a place called Bathtub Gin.

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Donald and Shepard married in 1987, but didn’t have any children, and suddenly divorced in 1993.