Wow armory not updating 4 2

10-Apr-2020 15:12

Because Blizzard is full of very incompetent people.

I did a faction change yesterday, it's been 26 hours and it still says pending.

wow armory not updating 4 2-61

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They said sometimes it can take quite a while to update. But, if you're really curious I'm sure if you go far enough back in the blue tracker you can find it.

You can see on the armory when you go to the mythic runs tab, and click “view party” for a specific run that my old character name is showing up, leading the blizzard API used by raiderio to credit the runs to the old character.

Fixing this ASAP as key pushing starts picking up again would be fantastic I am having the same issue except when it comes to using simulation software.

It has been several hours since I logged out after swapping gear on one of my alts, but the armory has yet to update to reflect my new gear.

Mine hasn’t updated since 8.2 patch lol So is been like 2.5 weeks now.I just wanted to ask how i update my Wo WProgress Character it doesn't seem to work when i press the update button.